A Casual Wedding Affair

A Casual Wedding Affair


Not every woman wants a large wedding with a massive train on her wedding dress and doves released when she and her husband officially tie the knot. If you would rather have a more casual wedding, then you’ll want to find the perfect casual wedding dressthat gracefully toes the line between casual and elegant. Finding the perfect dress is only as complicated as you make it, and a few tips can make all of the difference for your special day.

Theme and Setting

When trying to decide on a casual dress for your wedding, bear in mind the theme and the setting of your wedding. You can either find a wedding dress that you love and build your wedding around that particular style, or you can allow your wedding’s style determine the type of casual dress that you wear.
A casual wedding dress is also ideal for a Las Vegas wedding or second wedding. You can opt for a long and stylish cocktail dress tastefully embellished with beads, or a shorter rayon skirt paired with a complementing jacket. For some good ideas, check out the evening wear section.


Weddings that will take place in the summer or the great outdoors work great with sundresses that are either strapless or have halter tops or thin straps. One of the great things about wearing a sundress for a casual wedding is that it can either be long or short. In either case, make sure that you get yourself a pedicure should you decide to wear sandals.

Brides who have lighter skin and decide to wear a white dress to their wedding might want to think about tanning a little in order to avoid looking too pale on their big day. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard if you do decide to get some tanning time in. Wearing a few well-chosen flowers in your hair or a wide-brimmed hat with a ribbon that matches your dress is also a good idea.
Tropical or beach weddings call for a muumuu or sarong that either stretches down to the floor or is a bit on the short side. Gardenias or fresh hibiscus will look great for either setting. Weddings that take place in cooler seasons might require for a light wool jacket and tea-length dress. Brides who would rather not wear white on their wedding day will want to consider shades that best complement their skin tone.

Old School

Vintage wedding dresses are also a great choice if you’d like to take a step back in time for your wedding day. If you’d like a contemporary dress inspired by the 50s, look for sundresses that are either strapless or have spaghetti straps. Winter-time vintage weddings call for soft cashmere sweaters paired with either a straight dress or a dress with an A-line. If you’ve got the body and confidence for it, you might even want to go for a midriff-bearing top with gentle ruffles or an eyelet.
Make sure that you don’t look too casual for your wedding day. You can still manage to look elegant and relaxed at the same time with a few well-chosen accessories and colors.