All on 4 – Is This Permanent Denture Solution Right For You?

All on 4 – Is This Permanent Denture Solution Right For You?

All on 4 dentures are a permanent solution to a denture problem. Rather than being like dentures which are taken in and out of the mouth every night, the All on 4 dentures are permanently fitted into your jaw. Once in place the implanted dentures are just like original teeth, and patients can eat and drink whatever they please.

How it Works

There are several processes to go through before a patient gets their brand new set of teeth. Firstly, a consultation with a specialist dentist will be needed to determine whether the All on 4 system is appropriate. As the All on 4 dentures are rooted deeply into bone, this method of dental implants is suitable for almost everyone. After an initial consultation, the dentist will arrange for x-rays and scans to be taken of the mouth and jaw to decide where exactly to best position the fixing posts for the dentures. Traditional dental implants have required between 6 and 10 posts to anchor them into position, and as All in 4 uses just four posts, the process is quicker and less painful for the patient.

On The Day

Once the scans are completed and the posts and dentures have been made, the actual fitting of the dentures takes one day only. The first part of the process is to remove any of the patient’s existing teeth which are being replaced by the dentures, and then to fix the metal posts into the jaw. Four posts are placed into the patient’s mouth under local anaesthetic, two right at the front of the mouth and two towards the back. After the implants are firmly placed into the jaw bone, it is then a simple case of fixing the denture onto them.


There are a number of benefits offered by the All in 4 system over conventional loose dentures or even traditional implants.

  • It is permanent and does not have to be removed at night.
  • The teeth are more natural looking than conventional dentures
  • They are more comfortable than traditional dentures
  • Patients can eat whatever they like without worrying about their dentures
  • The implants protect the structure of the gum and jaw and can encourage bone growth.

After the Procedure

After a patient has had their denture fitted, they will have to return to the dentist for regular checks, as would any other dental patient. The teeth are cleaned as normal, and after patients adjust to the new dentures, they can carry on with their lives exactly as they did before.