Best iPad Apps Gone Free Today

Sometimes you just need to download a certain app for your iPad, but it turns out that the app is not free. And if purchasing the app is out of the question, you have to forget about it altogether – and to look for something similar that is actually free. However, these similar apps tend to be less useful, so if you want to use them too often, this situation may become really uncomfortable.

However, even some of the most popular and useful iPad apps go free occasionally. That means there’s no need to use less useful substitutes anymore. And sometimes it works the other way: an important tool you’re already used to suddenly stops being free, and you have to pay a subscription fee or buy a premium access option.

That’s why we monitor the most interesting iPad apps and tell you which apps go free. And if some apps start asking for money, we are ready to notify you, as well. What we have here today is a list of the freshest changes to the register of free iPad apps, so check it out and see if any of the apps you use often are now paid. So let’s start reviewing the apps.

STEEL Camera Plus

Camera Plus app screenshot

STEEL Camera Plus is the only app that has gone free today. However, it is really useful, and if you’ve been waiting to download it, you can do it right now. The app offers you a great variety of nice effects that you can apply to your photos, making them more authentic and interesting. These effects include random leaks of light that are associated with old cameras, different filters and watermarks, and so on.

However, the most wonderful feature of this app is its one-time camera mode. That means your camera simply adds a new set of filters and lenses every time you tap on your screen, so you don’t even have to know anything about photographing to get great photos. All in all, you should get this app as soon as possible, because it adds a whole new level of quality to your iPad’s camera.

Art Authority for iPad

Art Authority for iPad screenshot

Sadly, other apps on the list have stopped being free today. One of them is Art Authority for iPad that provides access to a huge virtual museum that includes thousands of masterpieces of the western world’s most skilled artists. You can search your favorite works by title, subject, artist, or different tags – or just wander the museum at random and look at everything that you can find. Now this app costs about $5, but that’s a tiny price for this kind of offer.

Marine Box

Marine Box screenshot

Marine Box, a great source of information about your aquarium with all kinds of useful tips and trackers, has stopped being free today, too. Now this app costs almost $4, but it is a reasonable price for an app this powerful and diverse. Marine box provides all kinds of information you need to start and maintain your own aquarium, including recommended alkalinity and pH values, maintenance schedules, equipment costs, and all facts about your livestock you need.

Art Authority

Art Authority screenshot

This app is another version of the virtual museum with thousands of western masterpieces. It includes all kinds of works divided into the most important periods like Baroque or Modern art. While it provides basically the same features, it costs considerably less – only about $2 for full access to the exhibition. However, this app has a couple of serious problems with updates.

Videos in Video

Videos in Video screenshot

Videos in Video is a simple yet powerful video editing app that allows you to add a couple of funny effects to your video in a matter of seconds. It features a couple of basic instruments like shaping or cropping tools, but it also has some advanced options, including transparency and position settings. But now this app costs about $6, and some users may find it too expensive for a regular video editing app.


thankful app screenshot

This app is a small virtual diary with a rather unusual functionality. It serves as a gratitude journal, helping to count every time you are grateful for something. You can register your gratitude exercises manually, but there is also an option to remind you to practice being thankful as often as you wish. The app also saves your usual reasons to be thankful, so you can revisit them every day.

There are also hundreds of pre-made inspirations and thousands of inspirational quotes, and you can get your reasons to be thankful from your friends via social media. This app used to be free, but now it isn’t too costly, too – only $0.99 for a great instrument to keep you grateful and happy during your day. It’s one of those apps that don’t need to be too complex because it’s the smart concept that makes them so powerful.

Device Tracker

Device Tracker screenshot

Device Tracker is one of the most comfortable apps for tracking your gadgets. It allows you to keep track on all kinds of different gear like phones, tablets, computers, and a lot of other devices. The interface of this app is very simple, and you can access every piece of information about your devices any time you want because such information is stored in a reliable and flexible database.

This app used to be the most useful free solution for this kind of job, but now it’s not free anymore. However, hardly any user of Device Tracker will be averted by this new cost of about $2 for premium access. And the developers promise to add some options to track your devices physically in one of the next updates, so be sure to purchase it.

ISS Real-Time Tracker

ISS Real-Time Tracker screenshot

ISS Real-Time Tracker is an app that allows you to monitor the location of the International Space Station, so you can know perfectly well how close the ISS is at the exact moment of time. The app also gives you correct predictions about its trajectory, and you can tweet crew members and see their replies right in the app. It used to be free, but now it’s about $3, so keep that in mind if you plan to download it.

Free Options

It may be disappointing to see so many apps going paid, but don’t forget that there’s always an alternative to your favorite app. Feel free to offer your own substitutes for these apps, and comment on what iPad apps you would like to see going free in the future – and be sure to share this article.

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