TOP-7 Workout Apps for Your iOS Gadget

Want to get fit and to become healthier as well? With the help of these apps and your iOS gadget, this goal is easier to achieve than you might think. Strength training and stretching, yoga, and jogging will become more accessible, and your lifestyle will finally turn fitness-focused and active. Just use a needed app for your particular purpose.

PEAR Personal Fitness Coach 

PEAR Personal Fitness Coach screenshot

The PEAR Personal Fitness Coach app corresponds to its name entirely. It doesn’t take a lot of your visual or manual attention and lets you dive into the preferred sports exercises. Simply turn it on and listen to the tips of an experienced coach in audio performance. With the bunch of workout packages and guiding coaches, you have an opportunity to select your own training rhythm and style. Inbuilt fitness trackers and devices help you save your achievements and share them with friends. It is free and user-friendly. Nevertheless, the paid subscription provides you with extensive fitness experience and extra features. 

Map My Fitness 

Map My Fitness screenshot

Your athletic performance is under the attentive control of the Map My Fitness application. Over 600 fitness activities are available to try, thus you have a variety of options to start or continue with any chosen sport. Use victory stories, nutrition tips, essential guides to different kinds of training, walking and even sleeping, motivation, and how-to videos to achieve your personal goal in fitness, running, or cycling. The app is perfect for the thorough planning of the activity. For instance, you can search in the app for nearby running routes, save your favorite, fix your data on pace, distance, calories burned, and so on. 

One of the essential things about the Map My Fitness app is the community’s support. Different people who use it, share their results and tips within it, and even set challenges with each other. The sport won’t be a routine anymore. 

Nike+ Training Club

Nike+ Training Club screenshot

The Nike+ Training Club is an app created by professional sportsmen and athletes. Choose your own focus like strength, mobility, or endurance, and one of three levels of difficulty. Use helpful audio tips instead of scrolling the list of cues on the screen. Train whenever and wherever you need it, plan your training with a simple schedule in-built. Video-instructions from the acknowledged masters will help you succeed in yoga, running, power training, and so on. The more often you train with the Nike+ Training Club, the more relevant recommendations for your physical activity you get.

Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio app  screenshot

Yoga Studio app is a library of about a hundred yoga and meditation classes. Their durability is from 10 to 60 minutes so you can both help yourself make a good stretch just in your office or conduct sterling training when you have more time and a place for a yoga mat. Achieve a desirable balance between strength, flexibility, and relaxation managing poses from an app’s collection. Download training videos and play them later offline or sync your gadget to a TV to get your exercises in HD. 

Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout screenshot

A good start for the beginners. To proceed with severe durable training you have to begin with short, but regular exercises. They won’t let you conceive a hatred of the sport and will develop a habit. Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App offers you a workout that lasts for 7 minutes, which is clear from the title. In the course of time, you will be able to vary duration and intensity and use the personal trainer feature. You can as well create your own workout routine that is suitable personally for your needs. 


Keelo app screenshot

Keelo is a free app for iOS that focuses on high-intensity interval training. Those people who practice HIIT are enduring and athletic. So this is an app for those who are advanced in training. The list of exercises performed by Keelo is focused on incredibly intense workouts for intensified calorie burning. The pieces of training offered last from 7 to 20 minutes. With clear video instructions, everything is simple. So you won’t mistake for a required weight or equipment.


Sworkit app screenshot

Sworkit, or Simply Work It is an app for setting workout routines due to your purposes. Build strength or improve flexibility, do yoga, or practice cardio. Choose the best fitting option from a list of possible activities and set your personal exercise goal for a selected period. The training is so varied within the app so you never get bored. With a premium version, you will get even more workout variations. Save your own history, adopt sessions for your needs, thus creating a fully customizable experience of using the app.

So if you are concerned about getting back in shape, you will find an app that will correspond to all your workout demands and the physical level. Make your pieces of training as interesting as useful with these applications and you soon will be excited with your results.

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