Your Digital Guides to Meditation: 6 Useful iOS Apps to Calm Your Mind

Stressed, overworked, anxious, or even depressed? Lost in perplexed thoughts and desires? There is a practice that can help you deal with these uncomfortable sensations and reach a better condition. Meditation is the answer to all complications named above, and its regular practicing leads to self-awareness.

Let’s think of yogis or Buddhist monks who have been practicing meditation, or dhyana (how they call it) for thousands of years. They could experience total relaxation or get nirvana as a reward for thorough work with the mind. 

Make meditation a part of the daily routine and you’ll be surprised with the positive influence on the quality of your life. To simplify your initial experience, to know more about the practice, you can run these apps on your mobile phone. Making the first step won’t be easy, but the benefits you achieve subsequently are worth trying. So find a quiet place, come down, take a deep breath, and let’s go forward to a state of clearer mind with the best apps to try out.


Headspace app screenshot

This is an application which Emma Watson calls a “kind of genius,” and we can’t argue with her statement. “Get some Headspace,’ offers you this brilliant app for meditation every day at the time you choose preferable for practicing. It will be perfect for those who start their meditation routine and will give a clear vision of the technique for all the beginners. With a free trial, you get a 10-session pack. Each exercise lasts for 10 minutes and is spoken by a peaceful male voice that helps you relax. The app’s light-hearted touch serves for a quicker acceptance of meditation into your life. And if you need some more features like a personalized progress page, a reward system for continued practice, you can subscribe for a premium version.


Caim app screenshot

Calm app mostly resembles Headspace. Here you get a free seven-day course of guided-meditation exercises. Their duration varies from 3 to 25 minutes corresponding to your purposes. Calm will teach you how to meditate, breathe, sleep, and relax. It will also offer you a brand new meditation and unique inspiration for every day with its Daily Calm feature. More options are of course available once you pay. A 21-day program for general wellbeing or a seven-day compilation of exercises for better sleep emerges when you subscribe. In “unguided” sessions you are going to meditate on music or nature sounds.


mindfulness app screenshot

It is one of the most accessible apps with a catalog full of meditation tracks. The free trial offers you five days of guided practice, daily reminders about relaxing, and various features based on your meditation habits. Mindfulness is an acknowledged gold standard for your regular meditation. You can as well sync it with other health apps on your device for the entire state of health control. With premium access, you will get even more cool chips such as tracks with a narrator and more meditation features.  

Smiling Mind 

Smiling Mind app screenshot

Smiling Mind differs from the other apps in the row, and that is because it was originally developed for children from the age of seven. Kids suffer from an excess of emotions and thoughts, and complicated life situations as adults do. So getting a little help from a meditation app won’t be dispensable. Smiling Mind offers programs divided by age. And the first one is suitable for an age group of 7-11 years. This app is the best choice for family use and perfect for managing classroom meditation breaks too. 


Buddhify app screenshot

For those who are interested in maintaining a serious meditation practice. And are ready to pay upfront. Buddhify does not offer a free trial. However, for $4.99 you can buy it for iOS and use it with no further in-app purchases. Meditation exercises are organized here by theme for utter user convenience. Choose a session according to your mood and daily activity: for working or traveling, for example, or meditation with a friend. Can’t handle difficult emotions or simply fall asleep? Select the current situation and get a fitting session. Become more conscious in your practice and fix your progress with the check-in system of the app. Buddhify is right as rain for both beginners and more experienced in meditation.  


oak app screenahot

Oak app is known for its powerful breathing exercises. Box Breathing, Deep Calm, and Awake breathe – the variety of names speak for themselves. These sessions are easy to use even on the go. In a wisdom section, you will find daily motivations, a compilation of video and audio from Alan Watts, a famous interpreter and populariser of Eastern philosophy for a Western audience. And, of course, Oak provides you with 10 to 30 minutes sessions, narrated by a male or female voice (choose which one is more calming for you). Oak is an inch-perfect app to find a natural balance in life.  


Whatever app for meditation you choose it will anyway become a big game changer and a rebuilder of your lifestyle. The prospects of meditation are impressive and perceptible almost immediately. You will soon notice how constant stress disappears, feelings calm, and thoughts organize in your head. More consciousness will come to your life to make it easier and profound at the same time. All you need is to start with finding the right app. And we hope you have already made your selection.

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