CHI Flat Iron review

CHI Flat Iron review

CHI Farouk flat irons are a popular choice for many consumers. They have received many good reviews by consumers and professional hair stylists. The CHI Turbo Ceramic flat iron now comes with stronger elements for more durability. It also comes with a heat pouch.

There are many pluses to owning a CHI Turbo hair straightener. First off, you can choose three different widths of plate; the Mini CHI Turbo .7″, the Regular CHI Turbo in 1″ and the Big CHI Turbo in 2″ – so there’s one to suit your hairstyling needs. The CHI Turbo Ceramic Hairstyling Iron provides Ceramic Technology for flash quick heating and comes with Far Infrared. A small, but the important point is the length of the power cord. Most other brands of flat iron come with a maximum length of 9 feet, but the CHI Turbo flat iron comes with a 10 foot power cord – and 360 degrees swivel connection to prevent tangling; one foot extra can really make using a flat iron so much easier, especially when you’re trying to do the back of your hair!

Are there any downsides?

Well, some reviews say that the CHI Turbo doesn’t glide through hair as smoothly as the original CHI. It also seems that the sides of the Turbo chi aren’t raised as high as the original CHI (the raised sides is what aids in creating the slightly curled look). These are minor, and perhaps rather subjective points. A more important point though is that the CHI Turbo flat iron only uses ceramic plates. Ceramic flat irons do produce negative ions (which help to eliminate static electricity and so prevent frizziness), but they don’t produce as much as ceramics that contain tourmaline (up to six times more).

For those who like to own something special, the CHI Farouk Pink flat iron is a must. You can buy the CHI Farouk Pink Flat Iron and Hair Dryer Set with matching case. This Limited Edition Hair Styling Package not only lets you don perfect hair, for every Pink CHI Flat Iron purchased, but Farouk CHI also donates a portion of the product’s sales to support the effort for finding a cure for breast cancer.

The CHI flat iron is the number one best seller and it’s not hard to understand why. The CHI Turbo Flat Iron consistently receives top rated reviews from consumers the world over. It’s not the cheapest but is arguably the best flat iron in its price range.