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Fortnite Review


Amy Morton / 13 Sep 2020

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Fortnite is a classic zombie shooter, survival, and quick defense building. And so we decided to make a more brief overview of the reasons why it is worth or not worth wasting time on Fortnight.


The game genre Fortnite is a protracted battle of survival, where players, locked in a limited area, are forced to look for weapons and supplies to survive on their own and destroy opponents. The latest fort-building mechanics will pleasantly surprise you. Just a few clicks will help to build a fort, which will become a haven when attacking the living dead. Nevertheless, a little complicated control is immediately noted, to which one should get used to. Fun shootouts are a key criterion for zombie games. The many weapons that differ from each other are a key factor in the interest in the product. 


The project looks cool. In this regard, it is worth giving credit to the developers. Bright, a bit of punk graphics will impress any gamer. By purchasing Fortnite, players will enjoy colorful cartoon graphics.

Replay value

By downloading the game Fortnight, gamers will not only be able to shoot incessantly at everything that moves, but also have the opportunity to build shelters. This innovation is a Fortnite trademark that deserves a more detailed description. Appearing at the beginning of the game, the gamer, armed with a huge pickaxe, must destroy cars, trees, fences, and other interior details to collect resources, from which he will subsequently build walls, huts, and towers that give him tactical advantages.


The sensitivity of aiming from controllers now changes depending on the scope, similar to how it is done for the mouse. Some of the default shortcut keys were changed. The 4th hotspot is now assigned to the "5" key instead of the "Z". The 5th hotspot is now assigned to the "6" key instead of the "X". The response speed of the analog joystick when turning the camera has been improved. This should make it easier to aim when using the controller. Also, the camera transition from riding the Battle Bus to the start of a jump has been improved as well.

Overall Impression 5/5

Fortnite was the first game to make the genre popular: the concept of the game was so liked by users, many of whom had never tried to play games of this genre, that the game became a global phenomenon.


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