Hair Care for Every Season

Hair Care for Every Season

Throughout the year weather conditions change and therefore a multitude of factors are effected. These can cause problems with our hair and we should therefore adapt our care regime to match the conditions around us. It is not as simple as just a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner and there are small changes that you may have to make to adapt to your hair colour and style. Follow this plan for each season and enjoy luscious locks all year round.


During the winter your hair will have taken a bit of a battering with the cold temperatures and high winds. Therefore when spring arrives it is time to give it a little bit of a boost so it feels replenished once more. Purchase a deep conditioner to put back the moisture into your hair and use as directed.
Many people are under the impression that you will get the maximum results out of your hair by applying the deep conditioning treatments for as long as possible. However, the majority of these are designed to perform to maximum level during the specified time within the directions of use. Be careful not to overdo it with the products as you do not want to create a layer which smothers the hair and makes it appear greasy.


The time of sun, sand and fun is during the summer months and this may be when your hair is the most vulnerable. Sun can cause a great amount of damage to our hair and although most of us smother ourselves with sun screen, a lot of us forget about our hair. It needs protecting too and there are a variety of products available with a UV guard present to help protect each strand.
If you enjoy swimming during the summer months then you will want to make sure that the chlorine is washed away properly as this is not a natural chemical for your hair to deal with. There are a number of treatments and shampoos available that are designed specifically for swimmers and will help to remove the chlorine gently.
Try to avoid styling your hair during the warmer period of the year as the higher temperatures can make your hair dry and brittle. With excess styling you will only worsen the condition of your hair, creating split ends and taking even more moisture out.


The autumn months are fairly similar to spring in regards to temperatures and conditions. You therefore should try to add moisture back into your hair from the root to the tip as the heat from the summer could have caused far more damage than you would think. Keep it simple and try not to overdo it as you will only make your hair more difficult to handle during the winter. At Mrs Pharmacy, there are a variety of products available to replenish your hair and keep it looking healthy as winter approaches.


As the cold months set in, it can be difficult to know what to do with your hair as it becomes static and brittle. Cold temperatures and high winds can be the most damaging and to combat this, one of the best tactics is to keep your hair moisturized with a good conditioner. Going out into the cold weather and then inside to the dry air due to heating can strip your hair of any moisture. Experiment with a number of moisturizing treatments to see which works best for your hair.