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Hello Neighbor Review


Amy Morton / 10 Sep 2020

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Hello, Neighbor from Russian studio Dynamic Pixels is a very unusual game. This is a puzzle that is almost impossible to complete without using the online tips. 


The story in Hello Neighbor begins promisingly and quite cheerfully: the main character becomes a witness to strange events in which the neighbor is involved. If you turn off the logic with questions like "Why doesn't he call the police?", then an intriguing continuation follows. The main character sneaks into a neighbor's house to find out what is hiding a mustachioed man in his basement. Each subsequent level represents the penetration of the main character into a more improved neighbor's territory.  


This game is very strange. It's weird in every detail: mechanics, visual design, plot. The style of the game is nice and funny in places - you can't argue with that. Typical horror elements and intense sound effects are curiously combined with colorful graphics. The game pleases with a pleasant stylization and design, as well as well-chosen sound design.

Replay value

There are 3 acts in total. Each subsequent one is a kind of continuation but, at the same time, a rethinking of the previous one. Each time the neighbor's house becomes more fortified, overgrown with new traps, locks, signaling devices, additional insane add-ons designed to increase the safety and inaccessibility of the home. The neighbor's behavior is also changing - now, he is even more suspicious, nimble, and faster. Despite the schematic presentation and the same setting, they are trying to tell us a very curious, strange, and, at the same time, deeply personal story. 


If you click on Control Settings, we will see one "Mouse Sensitivity" slider, select "Invert Y Ax" and at the bottom a "Controls Mapping" button. Game controls:

  • Shift - run;
  • E - interact with the subject;
  • Right mouse button - throw an item;
  • Spacebar - jump;
  • W A S D - movement;
  • 1 2 3 4 - select subject.

Overall Impression 5/5

Hello Neighbor is an original concept that has no direct analogs. Taking into account the chambers of the presented levels, it is surprisingly variable and replayable. A special atmosphere, a lot of secrets, and hidden opportunities can attract and drag you into this crazy attraction for a long time.


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