How Do I Curl My Hair

How Do I Curl My Hair

There are a lot of different methods to choose from when it comes to curling your hair: hot curling irons, straightening irons, classic rollers, foam rollers, bobby pins, braids – or even wrapping your hair around your finger! No matter what the method is that you choose, there are some essential things that you need to know in order to give yourself that perfect curl that will last throughout the entire day.

Use Heat

Heat is absolutely essential when it comes to having those day-long curls that you have always wanted. Heat will help break down any hydrogen bonds that may be in your hair after it has been wetted down, which means that it will be more open to having its shape changed (i.e. from straight to curly).
If you choose not to use heat, then you will need to pre-plan your curls hours in advance, and even then you may still have a harder time having the curl last throughout the entire day.

Give it Time

Be patient and give your hair some time when you are trying to set the curls. The hydrogen bonds that were mentioned above form and shape to your hair as it dries and cools. Pulling your hair out of any sort of curling device prior to it being completely dry and cooled off means that you risk having little to no curl left in your hair.
Make sure that your hair is both 100% dry and 100% cooled off before you go ahead and take your hair out of any sort of heated curling device. It’s also a good idea to use some sort of product that will help hold the curl, such as hairspray.

Prevent Moisture Damage

It’s important to use products that will protect your hair from rain or humidity. Using any sort of light gel or a pomade product and scrunching it onto your curls is the best way to both support the curl in your hair, and to keep it 100% waterproof. Less wetness means a longer lasting curl, so definitely do choose to use products that will support you curl best.

Use Pin Curls on Damaged Hair

A lot of styling these tools insist on using heat over 400*F on our hair to help mold and force it into the shape that we want. One of the best and most effective ways to curl our hair is to use a pin curl. Pin curls have been around for well over 100 years, but have become unpopular as they will take a bit of time to do.
If you do want to try using a pin curl in your hair, or if your hair is so notably damaged that using a heated device will further damage it, start off by diving your hair up into 8 sections. Dampen your hair to the point where it is wet, but not dripping wet, and then apply gel to the first section of hair. Twist the curl tightly, bringing the end right up to the top of your head, and then place two bobby pins in the curl to hold it to your hair. Hairspray it and leave the pins in until your hair is dry (this should take approximately 20 minutes).