How Do I Use a Hair Diffuser?

How Do I Use a Hair Diffuser?

If you have bought a hair dryer recently, then you may have noticed that along with it came a dish-like attachment with holes and what appears to be small spokes sticking out of it. This would be the “hair diffuser”, an attachment that comes with most hair dryers.

The purpose of a hair diffuser is to prevent your hair from looking fried or frizzy, which can be the end result if you just use a standard hair dryer. The hair diffuser dries the hair more evenly and it helps evenly distribute heat throughout your entire head of hair. Your curls will look better and far more polished. But how do you even use a hair diffuser?

Step 1: Take the hair diffuser attachment and attach it to the front end of the hair dryer. You should be able to fit it on easily, though you may need to press it down firmly to get the attachment to stay on.

Step 2: Move the hair dryer with the diffuser upwards and place the diffuser on the top of your head. You want to first focus on the roots of your hair when using the diffuser.

Step 3: Turn on your hair dryer and begin to dry your hair with the hair diffuser. You will want to keep the hair dryer on either a low or medium setting, as a high setting will be too intense and can actually ruin your beautiful curly tresses.

Step 4: When moving the hair diffuser about your head, you want to be sure that you are making circular motions around your head. This only further helps evenly distribute the heat of the air around your head, so your hair is drying faster and you are adding volume to the roots of your hair.

Step 5: Once you are finished with the roots, move the diffuser down to the ends of your hair. Allow for the air to pass through your hair. You can help encourage the development of the curls by moving the diffuser in an upwards motion so that you are effectively “scrunching” your hair as you dry it.

Step 6: To really give your hair a quick shot of volume, flip your head upside down and then focus on moving the diffuser to the roots of your hair. This will really give your hair a lot more lift and a lot more volume.

Products for Curly Hair

In addition to using a hair diffuser, it’s important that you also use the right products for your curly hair. There are a lot of curly hair products out there, so it’s important to find the one that is appropriate for your hair type and style. If you have hair that tends to frizz when curly, then make sure that you choose products that promise to eliminate the frizz. If you want to have loose curls, or very tight curls, make sure that you choose products that are specifically made for that as well.