How To Have Healthy Hair

How To Have Healthy Hair

Having healthy hair is easier said than done! Given the different products we use on our hair, the different heating and styling tools, not to mention environmental factors (like the wind and the sun) our hair certainly does go through a lot of stress!
You can help keep your hair smooth, shiny and healthy by changing up your hair care and maintenance process just a bit. Here are some of the best ways to reduce the stresses to your ‘tresses’.

Trim your Hair Regularly

This cannot be stressed enough. No matter how long you may want to grow your hair long, trimming your split ends every two months will actually help your hair grow longer and stronger. Split ends will only cause your ends to snap right off, which defeats the whole purpose of growing your hair in the first place.

Use a Quality Hair Brush

This means no cheap plastic bristle brushes. Using a hair brush made out of natural material, such as a boar hair brush, will go a long way in keeping your dry hair protected while brushing. When your hair is wet, never use a brush; instead, use a rubber-toothed wide tooth comb to get through those tangles.

Detangle your Hair before Shampooing

Shampoo does a lot of damage to our hair, though it is a necessary evil. Help reduce the damage that happens when ever you wash your hair by brushing your hair out thoroughly prior to washing it. This not only will detangle your hair, but it will also spread out the natural oils that are on your hair and protect your entire strand better. Brushing hair also stimulates blood flow to the scalp, so your hair follicles will be receiving a fresh flow of nutrients which will stimulate the creation of healthy hair.

Every Other Week should be a Deep Conditioning Week

Whether you have normal hair, dyed hair, permed hair, or something else, you should always deep condition your hair every two weeks. This will help strengthen and also soften your hair strands.

If you Dye your Hair Regularly, Only Dye the Roots

One of the biggest mistakes that men and women both make is that every time they dye their hair the same color, they will dye their entire head. DON’T DO IT! By dyeing just the roots of your hair, you are protecting the majority of the strand from becoming damaged by the hair dye over and over again.
If you are a woman with long hair, consider this: your hair goes approximately ½ a month. If you have hair that is over a foot long, that means that you have hair on your head that is about 2 years old. Think of how many times you have dyed your hair in that 2 year time span, and then think about the damage you are doing to that strand by repeatedly dyeing it every month or two throughout those 2 years. If you have problems applying the dye to just your roots, you can buy dyes for your hair that come with a special applicator so only your roots are “touched up”.