How To Repair Damaged Hair From Home

How To Repair Damaged Hair From Home

Damaged hair happens. When you consider the amount of stress that we put our hair through – coloring, drying, straightening, curling – then it’s no wonder that so many of us ladies end up with fried hair and split ends.
There are certain hair types that tend to end up with more hair damage than others due to a lack of elasticity in the hair, or because of a hairstyle that the hair may often be in. Those with fine hair, or African American hair that has been tied in tight braids, tend to be the ones who suffer from the most hair damage as the hair is more delicate and drier, but anyone of any hair type can suffer from hair damage. Before you run off to the salon and pay for an expensive hair treatment – or have your entire head of hair chopped off – here are some home remedies that you can try today to fix up your ‘do.

Grow Out the Damage

The first step that you may want to take, and is probably one of the wisest, is to go to the hair salon and ask for them to cut off the majority of your split ends. Depending on the damage that has been done to your hair, you may lose any where from one inch to several when getting rid of the damage. There’s a good chance that even that won’t get rid of all of the damaged hair, but it will be a good start.

Not into cutting your hair shorter than it is? Then simply “wait it out” and make sure that the healthy hair you have on your head is well taken care of from here on.

Wash and Style Less

What really ruins our hair are the styling products, the hair dyes, and the harsh shampoos that we use regularly. Switch to a more gentle shampoo for your hair and make sure that you wash your hair as infrequently as possible. Stop using your hair dryer, the hot rollers, and the straightener so often and find styles that you can wear in your hair that will allow it to dry naturally and in a way that you find flattering.

Eat Right

The best building block to having beautiful hair is eating an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. If you don’t think that you reaching your daily nutritional requirements, then begin taking a multivitamin on a daily basis to ensure that your body is getting exactly what it needs.

Home Hot Oil Treatment

Wet down your hair and grab some olive oil and a bathing cap. Put a tablespoon or two of olive oil in a sauce pan and then warm it until it is warm, not hot, and rub it both into your scalp and your hair. Twist your hair up and place it under the bathing cap. Give the bathing cap blasts of hot hair from a hair dryer every now and then to help the olive oil really soak into the shafts of your hair. You can either leave this in overnight, or you can wash it out within 20 minutes of application with your normal shampoo and conditioner.