How To Stop Split Ends

How To Stop Split Ends

Split ends seem to be a sad part of every woman’s life. Split end here, split end there, split ends every where! Some women are more prone to split ends. This is all dependent on how we treat our hair (do you perm your hair? Color your hair? Perhaps you blow dry and curl or straighten your hair every day), genetics, and how our hair is in its natural state. The less elastic one’s hair is, the more prone to split ends a woman seems to be.
If you don’t know why you should hate split ends, here’s a clue: they will ruin your ‘do! Split ends make hair appear dry, they cause your hair to be unruly, and they can also give your hair that “bushy” and uneven look at the tips that will completely ruin that $100 hair cut you got a few weeks ago.
So how can you prevent split ends?

#1: Get your Hair Cut Regularly

This is the most important thing you can ever do for your hair: regular hair cuts. Even if you are a girl or a woman who is currently trying to grow her hair long, it’s never going to get to the length you want it to be if the hair keeps breaking off.
Every 6 to 8 weeks your hair should get a trim. If you happen to notice any split ends yourself, hold the hair up and measure ¼ inch up from the split end. Take hair cutting shears (no, don’t grab the scissors you have in the drawer in your kitchen) and then cut your hair from that point. You want to cut above the noticeable split end to ensure that you are cutting off all of the damaged hair.

#2: Don’t wash and style your hair so much

Washing your hair will only dry out your hair. Let your hair enjoy the natural oils that protect it for an extra day or two and try washing your hair every 3 days. If you need a “washing” in between that time, try using a dry shampoo or even sprinkle some baby powder onto your hair and brush it through. This may take a bit of experimenting to get it right, but you will be saving your hair a whole lot of stress by not shampooing and styling it with a blow dryer and iron every morning.

#3: Only comb wet hair with a wide-toothed comb

If you step out of the shower and begin to brush your hair with a bristle brush, you are doing your hair no favors. Wide toothed combs allow hairs to separate easily and without “ripping” the hairs apart. Brushing will actually rip the hairs, which in turn will cause those pesky split ends you loath.

#4: Deep condition weekly

Deep conditioners go a long way in helping maintain your hair’s moisture, which will help keep those split ends at bay. Invest in a good hot oil treatment or a deep conditioner that you can apply once a week and you will definitely notice a drop in split ends.