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Hunter Assassin Review


Julie Ellis / 17 Sep 2020

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Hunter Assassin is an action game created by Ruby Studios and launched on Google Play. It has received over 50 million downloads in a short time because of its simplicity in controls and engaging gameplay.


The main plot line is to kill the enemies under the assassins' control. To win in this game, you have to be as fast as you can so the opponents don't see you with flashlights and kill you with gunfire. The mechanics of the game surprises with its simplicity and all you need to act is just touch the screen. By touching the screen, you can both attack an enemy or move. With the elimination of each goal, we will receive several gems, which, after completion of the level, will accumulate in a "piggy bank". With them, we can unlock and collect faster assassins.


Hunter Assassin is a simplistic and rich 2D action game in which you have to become quieter than the water, below the grass to sneak past the guards unnoticed. The graphics of the game are simple, and the level designs look alike.

Replay value

Hunter Assassin is an addicting action game for mobile devices in which you will wander through numerous labyrinths as a contract killer. Track down one target after another and do your dirty deed. You don't have many weapons in your arsenal, so you will have to take full advantage of the environment. Hide from prying eyes until the moment you strike, otherwise, you will be quickly noticed and destroyed. For the successful completion of tasks, you will receive valuable resources that open access to new heroes.


Management is also top-notch. Just click on the screen, and he will run there, be it just a place beyond the box, or the enemy! You have to click on the screen where you want your assassin to go to distance him from the beams of the guard's lantern and destroy them one by one. If they see you, they will shoot you and your life points are limited, so you have to be very fast and quiet. 

Overall Impression 5/5

Hunter Assassin seems just like another action game. Yet don't make conclusions too fast. It will assay your patience and logic at how masterly you can destroy your enemies. In this challenging adventure, you have to hide in the shadows and move up the levels on increasingly difficult maps, where the enemy is hiding around every corner, wanting to destroy you in the blink of an eye.


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