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Johnny Trigger Review


Amy Morton / 03 Sep 2020

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The underground world of the mafia is not as attractive as many people think. You are Johnny Trigger - a real threat to the affairs of local mobsters, a ruthless but honest hitman! Arm yourself with dozens of different guns - from pistols to shotguns to automatic rifles. 


Johnny Trigger's gameplay is pretty simple but takes some getting used to and some important elements to understand. Let's start with the fact that our character can slow down time while jumping - for this, you just need to press the display, and a short slideshow will begin. So, having started the game, the character will run towards the enemies. Seeing them, he makes a jump (mostly somersaults), the slow-motion mode is activated, and a red laser is emitted from the weapon. This laser is our scope. That is the whole gameplay - you need to jump, slow down the time, deliver accurate shots, and get money in return. Very simple gameplay, but it has several important nuances.


An excellent time killer with the simplest graphics will not take you much strength and energy, and at the same time will bring a lot of pleasure and fun. The design of the game is made in a minimalistic style and goes well with the music. 

Replay value

Johnny Trigger is a colorful and addicting action game with dynamic battles and classic mechanics. You control a brave hero ready to fight the ubiquitous mafia to the bitter end. Use the available arsenal to complete missions, perform dizzying stunts, and destroy everyone who stands in your righteous path. The further you can go, the more points you will get and, possibly, will be able to take an honorable place in the leaderboard.


Play like a pro and take full control of your game with your keyboard and mouse. You do not need to constantly press the same key to repeat the same type of action. Just assign one key and use it to perform many actions with one click.

Overall Impression 5/5

Johnny Trigger is attracted to its simple, easy to learn, and lack of intrusive donation. You just download the game and enjoy it, you do not need to spend fabulous money on energy, some bonuses, or the purchase of weapons since there is simply no such possibility. So, let's summarize. "Johnny Trigger" is a simple time killer with nice graphics. It's just full of action, shooting everywhere, explosions, slow motion. As with many games of this genre, there are a lot of ads, but this can be easily fixed by disabling ads. The developers also promise some kind of story mode, but so far, they have not added it.


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