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Minecraft Review


Julie Ellis / 15 Sep 2020

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Minecraft is one of the games with the fastest gain of popularity in history. Worldwide fame, tons of related products, millions of copies, and fabulous profits - it's all about Minecraft. Not every major game in our time can boast of such popularity.


The basis of the gameplay of Minecraft is a hike across various locations/dungeons inhabited by enemies. You may encounter zombies, skeletons, spiders, which you can recognize from the original Minecraft, as well as some more famous enemies like Enderman. Of course, the game has unique, completely new opponents, and most of them are very strong. These include the bosses that appear at the end. You can buy items from merchants, which become available in your camp after completing several instances. Among other things, it is allowed to enhance the character by enchanting equipment and weapons for enchantment points. 


The game is endowed with soft lighting, adjusted by FPS. You can always add anti-aliasing or set high definition dynamic textures. Here you will find beautiful dynamic lighting and realistic shadows, blur, and other effects that are most pleasing to the eye. Combinations of armor and magic objects called artifacts will also help to create a unique hero.

Replay value

Of course, the game tastes good, but the threshold for entering the game is unusually high. Minecraft is only limited by your imagination. We recommend playing Minecraft on PC due to the colossal availability of quality custom mods. Minecraft has spawned a sea of ​​sandboxes, both good ones and not.


Minecraft uses a standard keyboard and mouse layout. The game cannot be played with only the keyboard or only with the mouse. The Management menu is located in the settings. Holding F3 and C for 6 seconds will intentionally crash the game after these keys are released. Place blocks, put an item in inventory, change the state of a mechanism (for example, a door or a lever), charge a bow (release to shoot), block with a shield, use special blocks (for example, chests), get into a vehicle, eat food, drink potions, plow the land, etc..

Overall Impression 5/5

Minecraft is an old but gold game where only your imagination can reveal all the possibilities of this game. Enjoy the simple gameplay and have a great time with that game.


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