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Roblox Review


Julie Ellis / 08 Sep 2020

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Roblox is an online open-world game where players can create and build anything. Roblox also has an open monetization system - all creators of unique content can earn real money by withdrawing in-game currency using the Developer Exchange system.


In this game, you can create your character and play in various modes. Each mode in Roblox is a separate map with a specific storyline. On this platform, everyone will find a suitable model for their taste: from the adoption of children to different PVP games. There are also parkour, simulations, daikons, and games made for real life. You can spend time with friends, you can create your mini-place, for which, by the way, you can earn Robux for adding game passes. Competitions for very expensive prizes mean an expensive thing that will cost about 6 thousand rubles. 


Roblox characters look like Lego men, but with very wide shoulders. They are funny and highly recognizable, which is why they quickly became heroes of pop culture and memes. For example, Kanye West and Lil Pump's music video "I Love It" looks funny in large part because of the rappers dressed like Roblox characters.

Replay value

The game mechanics of Roblox are based on the same principles as in the popular project Minecraft. Here, players try to manipulate space and objects using polygonal cubes and also fulfill the conditions of the selected mini-game. Besides, any user can, at will, try their hand at creating their maps. The game already has a large number of locations on a variety of topics: catching Pokemon, running a cafe or restaurant, participating in racing competitions, surviving in extreme conditions, building a factory, etc.


Controls in Roblox are strictly fixed, and there is no possibility to configure it in principle. Movement in the game is carried out through the usual keys W, A, S, and D, the rest of the control buttons vary depending on which server you are currently playing on. Pay attention to the control tips at the beginning of the mini-games.

Overall Impression 5/5

Roblox is an online content management system designed for a large number of users. On it, you can invent your game products and then use them to play, as well as play those games that other users have invented. Roblox stores a huge number of invented worlds of different genres (racing, role-playing, simulation, obstacle course, and others). Players can also design, purchase, and dispose of items, accessories, and clothing, body parts, and equipment for a virtual currency called Robux. 


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