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Sand Balls Review


Julie Ellis / 05 Sep 2020

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Sand Balls is a game in which you have to dig through the mountains of sand to reach your goal.


The game is relaxed, you do not need to strain your head, and at the same time, think logically to pass the levels. The point of the game lies in passing obstacles, bringing the maximum number of balls to the finish line. The balls have a variety of styles (styles) that can be purchased for the crystals won. They all have the same meaning and have no other meaning than appearance. During the passage of the game, you find yourself in tunnels, you can stumble upon spikes or fans, which literally suck all your balls into themselves, and automatically you lose. Lives are not limited, you can always start over, replay. At the end of the path, there is a truck, which eventually drops the maximum number of your finished balls. The gameplay of Sand Balls assumes that you take on the role of a digger. As the level progresses, the balls will encounter various obstacles and objects on the way, combinations of which can both hinder and help their progress. The number of spheres moving at the same time can also be difficult since it can be too difficult to keep track of their movement.


The simplicity of game mechanics and nice graphics of Sand Balls will motivate you to complete the levels, and watching videos will significantly speed up the receipt of in-game content.

Replay value

Sand Balls is a great puzzle game with many different levels awaiting you. The main task is to score balls into a parked truck. Along the way, you can choose other balls and increase your chances of success. However, you will make it to the end of the game and move on to the next level.


Everything is simple and elementary. There are white balls and a "field" along which you have to take the balls down and load them into the car. The game is very easy, does not require any mental stress, only sometimes dexterity of the fingers is required to have time to clear the way for the balls. At the initial stage, it is enough just to slide your finger across the screen to pave the way for the balls; on more difficult levels, you will need to overcome obstacles and avoid traps.

Overall Impression 5/5

Sand Balls is an addicting puzzle game in which you have to overcome obstacles, making passages in the thickness of the sand. The project is characterized by ease of gameplay and a small amount of content to open.

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