Shampoos And Conditioners For Your Hair Type

Shampoos And Conditioners For Your Hair Type

The shampoo and conditioner that you use on your hair every couple of days plays a major role on the quality of your hair. Though both shampoo and conditioner have their staple purposes – shampoo to remove grime, conditioner to hydrate – depending on your hair type not every shampoo and conditioner may be suitable to you. Here are the most common hair types and our recommendations on what shampoos and conditioners you should be using on your hair:

Limp, Fine Hair and Oily Hair

Fine hair has the unfortunate circumstance of appearing oily after one day, even when it’s not, simply because it lacks the “bulk” that thicker and more volumized hair may possess. The key here is to choose products that lack that extra “moisturizing” content that will only make your hair appear all the more oily. The kind of shampoo that you will want to look for is one that is gentle, and one that has been created for daily hair washing. You will also want to be on the hunt for any shampoo that contains “panthenol”, a vitamin B nutrient that will help give your hair more body by making the hair cuticle stronger and thicker.
As for conditioners, you very well may not even need one! Assess your hair. Can you comb it out easily after a shampooing? Then you probably don’t need a conditioner. If you do need one, invest in a light conditioner and apply it so that it is only half way down the hair shaft and leave it on for 30 seconds.

Curly and Coarse Hair

Any hair that is curly and coarse is probably also dry hair. Why? Because the oils that come from the scalp have a far more difficult time navigating the twists and turns that curly hair offers in comparison to straight hair, no matter how many times you may brush your hair. Because of this, it is generally recommended that curly and coarse hair opt for shampoos that are creamier and are hydrating. Shea butter, germ oil, and nut oils are great additions to any shampoos for your hair type.
When it comes to conditioning products, all women with this hair type probably already know just how important conditioner is when it comes to washing their hair. With this type of hair, the more hydrating and moisturizing a conditioner the better.

Follow up with a monthly or bi-monthly hot oil treatment for your hair to really keep it hydrated and looking its best

Dry and Damaged Hair

The best way to treat dry and damaged hair is to opt for the shampoos that are the creamiest and that offer the most moisture. You will need these types of shampoos to not only improve the quality of your hair, but also to smooth down the cuticle of your hair so you can actually comb through it after a washing!When it comes to conditioner, choose the one that is the most hydrating. If your hair is dry and damaged, try to avoid any sort of conditioner that may contain silicone as silicone tends to strip away any color that you may have in your hair.