Shiny Hair Starts With A Good Blow Dryer

Shiny Hair Starts With A Good Blow Dryer


Negative Ions

All hair dryers are not created equally. One of the things you should look for is the amount of negative ions your blow dryer discharges when drying your hair. These negative ions react with the hair, allowing it to dry in quicker time as well as producing a soft and glorious shine to your locks.

Heat Settings

Another key component in a hair dryer is the heat settings. Some simply have off and on, which means they will generate quite a bit of heat. These dryers tend to burn out more quickly and are often harmful to your hair. Instead, you should look for temperature settings that will give you more control.
The better quality hair dryers will have at least two heat settings, high and low, while many also come with an additional cool setting. The cool setting will release cooler air and is ideal for those who suffer from dry, damaged hair. Using a high setting on a regular basis can actually burn your hair, so if at all possible, use the low or cool settings.

Dryer Accessories

Hair dryers also come with some wonderful accessories. You can use attachments to direct the flow of air to a specific area, such as your roots. This helps increase the volume in your hair, since the air flow is concentrated.
Another wonderful styling accessory is a diffuser. Diffusers are great for holding a style and work very well on curly hair. A diffuser allows you to dry your hair without blowing it all about. Therefore, your locks will keep their shape better as they dry.
If you use styling products in your hair, such as mousse or hair gel, a diffuser is ideal to dry your hair while maintaining the look. With a diffuser, the shape of your hair won’t change much, but you will still have soft and shiny hair.
Using a hair dryer is a quick and easy way to dry your hair and give it some style. However, if you use a dryer on a daily basis, even on low settings, you should protect your hair with a heat spray or serum to prevent it from becoming dry and brittle.

How to Blow Dry Your Hair Without Damaging It

There’s no question that heated appliances and styling tools like blow dryers can be very damaging to your hair. Not only can they rob your hair of natural shine, they also strip away moisture and can cause static, frizziness and fly away hair. Then there’s the damage that comes when the ends of the hair begin to splinter and split, and strands begins to shed more often.
Yes, blow dryers can be extremely damaging to your hair. But only if you don’t use them properly. With a little care, you can safely use a blow dryer to dry and style your hair without the risk of destroying the health and integrity of your locks.

Preparation Is Key

Start by towel drying your hair. Use a terry or cotton towel to gently blot the excess water from your hair. Blotting is sufficient, there is no need to wring out or vigorously rub your hair as this will only cause tangles and broken hair strands.
When you’re done, rather than piling your hair up in the towel, let it sit and air out a little. Waiting for your hair to dry a bit before using a blow dryer won’t effect the style, but will cut down on the time you need to blow dry.
Before you start to blow dry, apply a heat protectant to your hair. These usually come in a spray, but sometimes come as a cream as well. Apply it all over your hair to create a shield that will keep your hair from being harmed by the heat of the dryer.

Lower The Heat

Use your hair dryer on low or medium settings rather than high. It’s the high setting that produces the most intense heat and causes damage. In fact, the high setting on wet hair can actually create singes or burns on your hair and scalp. If your blow dryer has a cool setting, that would be the ideal temperature to use.
It’s not actually the blow dryer that damages your hair, it’s the heat. So as long as you keep the heat to a minimum and under control, you can safely blow dry your hair every day without concern about ruining your beautiful locks.