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Sky Roller Review


Julie Ellis / 03 Sep 2020

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Sky Roller is a time-killer game where you have to control the main character that tries to avoid obstacles using skates. There are many levels with different obstacles that can give you a challenge. In addition, the game provides users with a customization system. You can download Sky Roller for iOS and Android platforms. The application is free to download and has been downloaded more than 50 million times. 


After you have started the game, you need to tap the “Play” button in order to start the level. At the beginning, all the levels are pretty simple, and it should not take a lot of time to finish them. While playing, you will be able to collect gems. Gems are in-game currency that allows you to change the appearance of the character and buy new skates. The goal of the game is to avoid the obstacles while skating. However, after a few hours of gameplay the game may become boring.


Sky Roller graphics look mediocre and are not perfect at all. A lot of models do not have a proper shape. The picture is colorful and bright. However, almost each level looks the same. The only difference is in the obstacles you see on your way. The good thing about the game is that you can play Sky Roller even on weak devices.

Replay Value

You will enjoy playing Sky Roller in case you need to kill some time. The game is a nice time-killer, but there is no plot or gripping gameplay in it. It is fun to kill some time by completing a few levels and changing your character's appearance.


Sky Roller controls are not complicated at all. You will have to swipe with your finger left or right to avoid the obstacles. There are no other buttons that can be used during the gameplay, which makes it easy for you to switch platforms if needed and quickly get used to the controls again.


Sky Roller is an entertaining game that can definitely kill some time. You can download the game for free. However, a lot of people report that there are many ads in this game, so sometimes they may be irritating. Nevertheless, you will enjoy playing Sky Roller in case you are a fan of the time-killer genre.

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